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Manage Your Fish Tank In A Smart Way

With eKoral, tank keeping is no longer limited to expert knowledge, as just about anyone can learn to run a reef tank with ease. You can create rules and set up preferred schedules and let eKoral do the rest of the work for you. Just a few swipes on your smart device, and you can effortlessly make fine adjustments to your equipment, which would have previously required writing several lines of programming codes.

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Innovation & Applications:

• Limitless possibilities – All under your control
• Not at home? Not a problem – Stay in touch with your tank anywhere, anytime
• Cloud-based technology – Remote control with alerts and notifications
• User-friendly interface – Easy to setup without coding or user manual

Our commitments of high quality:

• Product testing by the latest equipment and technology
• Reliability testing
• Mechanical & electrical properties testing
• Environmental temperature & humidity testing

Intimate service and support:

• 1-year warranty on eKoral controller
• Online product support and service