eK Light Cable (Audio)




For eKoral Aquarium System

  • Connect any adjustable light device with Audio plug to the eK Core (the brain of the eKoral Pro Aquarium Controlling System).
  • A 3-meter (9.8-feet) cable with an Audio connector on one end and eK Light plug on the other.
  • Ability to wire an Audio device to the cable and enable the eKoral eK Core to control up to two channel devices, such as LED lights.

Package Information:

Contents: eK Light Cable (Audio) x 1
Size: 220x100x20mm (8.66″x3.94″x0.79″)
Weight: 55g (0.12lb)


Third-party hardware that matches the eKoral system standard will be certified by our eKoral Sync Program. These products will work flawlessly within the eKoral system. For more information about eKoral Sync Program, please click here.

Product Warranty:

For warranty information about this product, please click here.


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