eK Power 6 (US type)




For eKoral Aquarium System

The power bar is a convenient source for as many as six color-coded, 10 A sockets that can be independently used, wirelessly controlled and monitored. The safety features protect any high-tech equipment connected to this system.

Product Features:

  • Each outlet operates independently to isolate problems: the eK Power 6 protects the livestock by disconnecting some devices and continuing the operation of others according to the programmed action.
  • Over Current Protection: when the current exceeds 10A, the eK Power 6 will shut down the device to protect your tank from being damaged by a malfunctioning device.
  • Real-time Energy Report: learn energy consumption of devices connected with the eK Power 6.
  • Wireless Connection: the eK Power 6 connects with the eK Core via WiFi to ensure maximum expansion.


Input: (US) 100-120V~/60Hz/10A
Output: (US) 100-120V~/60Hz/10A
Cable Length: 1.8m (5.9ft)

All specifications are relating to average parameters and may vary depending on settings and operating conditions.

Package Information:

Contents: eK Power 6 x 1
Size: (US) 325x198x78mm (12.8″x7.8″x3.1″)
Weight: (US) 1030g (2.28lb)


There are two socket options: US and CN.

  • US type comes with plug & sockets for using in USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan and other regions with an adaptable voltage of 100-120V.
  • CN type comes with plug & sockets for using in China, Australia, New Zealand and other regions with an adaptable voltage of 220-240V.

Product Warranty:

For warranty information about this product, please click here.


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